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Repetition variationsCarolyn Connors and Terry McDermott
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Dispersion (2020- ) enhances the functionality and expressivity of The Federation Bells by way of software that can analyze the spoken and sung voice in real time, then remap and interpret that analysis in the form of sonic events and gestures enacted and articulated through the mechanism of the bells.

System prototyping and development by Terence McDermott in collaboration with vocalist Carolyn Connors.​

Dispersion website

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants, 2020


Pitcher (2013- ) is a collection of solo performances with voice, piano accordion, and electronics. Voice is manipulated as a prepared instrument with alfoil, slide whistles, paper, de-constructed accordion parts, multiphonics, and harmonics. Accordion is slapped and shaken. Composition is constructed through improvisation. Each performance is a new movement. Incinerator Gallery, 2017; Resonant Bodies for Metropolis New Music at Melbourne Recital Centre, 2017; Book of Daughters by JOLT 2016; Inland, 2015; AVANTWHATEVER festival at RRR, 2016; La Mama Musica; Ventriloquy at Gertrude Contemporary, 2014.

excerpt from Pitcher

Church of All Nations, Carlton, Melbourne, for Inland

What comes after love


What comes after love is a solo vocal work in 5 parts. It draws on the words of Shakespeare and literally, what comes after the word 'love'. The materials include extended vocal techniques, and preparations which include instrument parts and alfoil, and slide whistles.

What comes after love was first performed at the ABC studios, Southbank, Melbourne, for Live Proof 2015. Curated by Ben Byrne and presented by Miyuki Jokiranta as part of Sound Proof. 

Beauty's deadfrom What comes after love
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Hammers Lake

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Hammers Lake is a trio comprising Judith Hamann (cello) and Carolyn Connors (voice), who are joined by a different percussionist/drummer each performance.


The drummers include: Maria Moles; Vanessa Tomlinson (Tectonics Adelaide, Adelaide Festival 2014); Dure Dara,

Kjell Nordeson (UCSD, San Diego 2014); Nat Grant,

Peter Neville, Sean Baxter, Rama Parwati, Evelyn Morris, Joe Talia, Robbie Avenaim.

Hammers Lake w Rama Parwati 2017Artist Name
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Voice, with extended techniques and preparations, solo, or in collaboration

“…Carolyn Connors proves she needs no electronics to transition from a clear vocal tone to inhuman white noise” 

Manhunter album launch, 2013

Housework a problem get rid of the houseCarolyn Connors
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The Unwelcome Guests


Keep your leafy greens hidden from these snails. This pair of garden dwellers share slimy wisdoms as they slide slowly by, reflecting on life from a snail’s point of view.


In this all-too-human world they provide a much-needed perspective on the natural environment, the slow movement, tiny house living, and what they wish you’d plant in your garden.

Carolyn has created interactive public performance works with Neil Thomas for over 20 years.

Melba Speigeltent, September 2019

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