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Monday 16 November 2020


I'm collaborating and performing in two fantastic shows in Melbourne in the first half of 2021. I'm looking forward to working live again! More details coming soon.


2020 has delivered some unique challenges. I'm missing performing, and am missing the experience of listening to live music even more. 

Engaging more with online work and visual content is a shift, from a fundamentally aural and performative practice, to tech and visual work, which has been variously expansive, satisfying, and disappointing. I seem to sit in front of the computer for days - weeks! - irrespective of the task. My body holds the same shape. My eyes look forward. (This can't be good!)

How do we make meaningful work in an online environment, when most people really don't want to engage this way? How do we devise, create, produce, deliver and assess successful and meaningful new work while being estranged from our communities?

Victoria is opening up. I'm looking forward to the joy of real life engagement.

Very still life 1.heic

Very still life 

Melbourne General Cemetery, lockdown 2020

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