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All who occupy this great space by Katie Lee and David Chesworth. Westspace, 2012

Too  by Cynthia Troupe with sound by Ben Byrne. La Mama Theatre, 2012

Sound walk with Out Hear/Dale Gorfinkle, 2012

Terrains  Jolt Concert Series, JOLT space, Brunswick, 2011

Un Petit Purr  Accordion and voice  French music duo with Jeannie Van de Velde, 2009-11

Quiver New Music Ensemble  including works by Andriessen Workers Union and The Shaggs, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne, 2011


Nocturne  With Dave Brown, Searchlight festival, fortyfivedownstairs, 2010

The Itch by Alex Garsden, dir. Margaret Cameron, con. Brett Kelly, with Phoebe Green, Judith Hamann, Anita Hustas. Chamber Made Opera, 2010

Finucane and Smith  Carnival of Mysteries: the Psycho-kinetic Pianist. Melbourne Festival, 2010

Postcards from Nanna by Cha Cha Sam, with Andrea Rienets and Andrew O'Grady, dir. Andrea Lemon. Warrigal, Portland, Hamilton, Melbourne, 2010

A to B lectures with Neil Thomas and Gus Macmillan, 2007-10

Perilous Productions Golden Valley by Dorothy Hewett, dir. Suzanne Chaundy. Musical Director,  Melbourne, 2009 

Surrounded by C  by Ren Walters. Melbourne Jazz Festival Fringe commission, Iwaki Hall, Melbourne, 2009   

Constellation Video installation and performance commission as part of Liquid Architecture, by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey. Red Gallery, North Fitzroy, Melbourne, 2010; Sydney, 2011

Megaphone Project by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, with Jesse Stevens, Sally Smith and David Wells, Sydney Children’s Festival; Womadelaide, Adelaide; Castlemaine Festival, 2008-09 

Echolocation by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, with Alex Stahl and Eugene Ughetti. BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne Festival, 2008


Sonata for Voice and Objects and Sonata for Voice and Paper  ABCFM recording and broadcast, 2009

I’m a big man  Going Down Swinging 26 recording commission and performance, Northcote Social Club, 2008

The Chapel Perilous by Dorothy Hewett, dir. Suzanne Chaundy. La Mama Theatre, 2008

Ukulele and Other Extreme Sports. Adelaide Cabaret Festival, 2008

David Tolley, collaborations include: trio with Scott Tinkler, Make it up club 2013. Quintet with Scott McConnachie, Marc Hannaford, and Allan Brown, Bennett’s Lane 2013. Retreat and Reunion: Brunswick Arts Space, MIUC, La Mama Musica, with Dure Dara, Phil Treloar, Ren Walters, Anita Hustas, Adrian Sherriff, Tony Hicks, Adam Simmonds, Sam Pankhurst, Scott McConachie, Ted Vining, 2011. Duo, Make It Now, Planet Cafe, 2003. THAT Project: Wangarratta Jazz Festival 1998; Some Minutes of Alchemy with the Australian Art Orchestra: Above and Beyond. Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne 1996. Monsalvat. Eternal harmonies THE OTHER, with Dur-e Dara, Nadja Kostich, Ren Walters, Atrium 101 Collins Street Melbourne 1998; they grasped the air in the nick of time, MLC Music Auditorium 1997.


50:50  solo (50 bands in 50 minutes) Whatismusic? Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne, 2007

The Crossing by Jill Orr with Tony Yap, Gretel Taylor, Craig Peade, and Emma Strapps.  Mildura & Wentworth Arts Festival, 2007

Music at Mt Egerton in the role of Maggie Malone by Cynthia Troup, prod. David Young, dir. Margaret Cameron, presented by Aphids. Mt Egerton, Victoria, 2007

Lost by Linda Sproul. Small Quiet Gesture, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne, 2007

23.01.01/12.07.2005 by Tom Nicholson and Andrew Byrne, for Endgame: late capitalist realism. VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, 2006

The Pluckin’ Beauties Ukulele trio with Betty France and Rose Turtle Ertler. International Women’s Day. Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Melb, 2006

A to B Lectures with Gus MacMillan and Neil Thomas. Dante’s, Fitzroy; The Famous Spiegeltent; The StoreRoom, 2005

Gotharama by Finucane and Smith as the Psychkinetic Pianist. fortyfivedownstairs, Victorian Arts Centre, Adelaide Cabaret Festival 05-06. Melbourne Green Room Awards: Most Innovative Use of Form, and  Best Design 2005.

f-hole with Robbie Avenaim and Erik Mitzak. Bus Gallery, Melbourne, 2003

Paws (solos and a duo) with Margaret Trail. fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, 2003

Aelfgyva written and dir. Jane Woollard, music by Stevie Wishart, with Margaret Mills, Colin James and Natalia Mann. Melbourne Autumn Music Festival, North Melbourne Town Hall, 2003

Absolutely Ukulele 2001-03 Geelong Waterfront Festival, Geelong; The Store Room, North Fitzroy Melbourne Fringe Music Award, Best Show 

What is Music? John Wiese Ensemble 2009. 1999, 2002. Melbourne  and Sydney Big Day Out 1997, 1998

Presence One  by Jill Orr, Mass Gallery Melbourne, 2000

Abducted by Warren Burt, with Hartley Newham. Melbourne, 2000


Material Mouth  Dir. Margaret Cameron. Awarded Outstanding Female Performance, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2005; Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival; 2004-08


Through the Hearing Glass  Theatreworks, Melbourne; Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart; 2000-03

Museum of Modern Oddities with Neil Thomas and Katy Bowman. Blue Rinse Club, Melbourne Festival 2003; Blue Thong Club Melbourne Festival 2004; Oerol Festival, Terscheling, The Netherlands 2003; Adelaide 2002, MoMO Shoppe, Melbourne 2001, Melbourne Museum 2000

Bettie Paige Queen of Hearts with Sarah Briggs. Melbourne Fringe Festival. Green Room nomination, Musical Direction (Cabaret), 2000.

The Pitt Family Shovel Team  Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival Melbourne 2006; Sydney Easter Show 2002; Melbourne Agricultural Show 2001.


A frog in my throat  Theatreworks, Melbourne; Pipeline New Music Festival Hobart,1997

C salt and C sand  Della Laguna, Government House Ballroom, Sydney Festival, 1997


ever since man learned to fly ain’t been no angels in the sky…   Melbourne Improvisers’ Association, Monsalvat, Melbourne, 1996


The Plaque Admirers with andrew Yencken. A work for radio composed with Andrew Yencken, ABC FM 1997. Naked The Listening Room commission, ABC classic FM, with Andrew Yencken, 1995

Mirabilia  ether ohnetitel, Fitzroy, Melbourne; New Music Tasmania, Hobart, 1994-95

Machine for Making Sense: Residue with Larry Polansky, Chris Abrahams and Rainer Linz, Storey Hall, RMIT, Melbourne. 

“Use by 19.4.96”  Machine for Making Sense with David Watson. New Music Tasmania, 1995 

Fester with Tony Buck and Greg Kingston. Ultimo Centre, Sydney, Hobart, 1996

Chris Mann and the Impediments with Rik Rue and Jeannie Marsh.

Teddy the Jewboy with Joan La Barbara and Jimmy Djamunba: Brisbane Biennale of International music; Lismore, 1995

Melbourne Observatory, Botanical Gardens 1994. CD release, 1995

The Barry Show, Southgate, 1997

The Great Melbourne Accordion Orchestra  Festivals of Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Shepparton, 1995-96

Friends of Moira Street Theatre Festivals of Rotterdam, Noordwijk (The Netherlands), Edmonton (Canada), Streets of London. Comedy Festivals of Vancouver, Melbourne, Brisbane. Festivals of Melbourne, Harrogate, Exeter, Adelaide Fringe, Darwin, Wagga Wagga Voices, Port Fairy Folk Festival. Agricultural shows of Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Perth.  The Last Laugh, Melbourne. First Prize: National Buskerfest, Canberra, and Prahran Busking Festival. Judges’ choice, FEIPP Melbourne Busking Competition, Performers’ Choice, Coff’s Harbour Street Performers Festival. 1990-99

Opa! by Patricia Cornelius, music by Irine Vela, Athenaeum Theatre Melbourne, 1994

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