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Carolyn Connors is a vocalist, improviser, composer, collaborator, performer, and instrumentalist who works in contemporary music and theatre settings. Carolyn is based in Melbourne, Australia. 


Carolyn's vocal works focus on the unaccompanied voice in acoustic environments, where objects are often utilised as preparations. Her performances have been presented by Liquid Architecture, AVANTWHATEVER, Melbourne Recital Centre, Sydney Festival, and Densite (France).


Carolyn also collaborates to realise new works. Artists and companies include Chamber Made, Finucane and Smith, Speak Percussion, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, Jolt, Gabriella and Silvana Mangano, Judith Hamann, Jill Orr, Byron Scullin, and David Chesworth. Performances include tours around Australia, the U.S., and Europe, and at Melbourne Festival, Adelaide Tectonics, Dark Mofo, Potter Museum of Art, and Gertrude Contemporary.


In community settings, Carolyn engages with young people at storytime events; with people living with disability through the Safe in Sound program; and with seniors through technology training sessions and MC work.


Recognitions include The Age Melbourne Music Genre Award: Best experimental/avant-garde act 2015; Artist in residence at La Trobe University; and the Orange House by the Sea residency.


Carolyn teaches voice, improvisation, piano, ukulele, and tech. She also enjoys the outside eye role and mentoring. Engagements include the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Victorian College of the Arts, COLLARTS, Wyndham City, and the Clown Doctors.


Carolyn's recent endeavours during COVID lockdown in Melbourne, 2020, are Dispersion, a collaboration with Terry McDermott; MyMouth, a community-sourced library of vocal sounds (in development); Improve Your Zoom online classes for the Victorian Seniors Festival; online storytime sessions for preschoolers; and Very still life, an image-based project documenting living things in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

“Fresh, exciting, moving, and unique” Sounds Australian

“Highlights included the exhilarating Hammers Lake, an Australian trio featuring the extraordinary throat-singing of Carolyn Connors, who screamed, ululated, made a bandana out of a piece of tinfoil and then rhythmically spat into it.” The Guardian, Tectonics Adelaide, 2014 

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